Private Retreats with Angie
Would you like to celebrate a birthday or get a group of family or friends together and try something healthy, interesting and fun?
We can organise the perfect exclusive retreat for you and your group or alternatively I can fly to your location and host the retreat there. 
My Private Retreats are always centred around a theme which will be discussed with you first;
- Family
-Mother and Child 
-Father and Child
-Energy Healing
These themes are a fabulous way to reevaluate where we are going in life and to help us maintain our  path of self care.
Private group retreats bring families, couples and friends together in a deeper way; helping each member to step aside from the ego and the constant stream of external stimuli that we receive and reconnect to ourselves and each other.  
You can rest assured you will  get lots of individual attention from me, with adjustments, readings and alignment focus all  centred around the retreat theme. 
With 20 yrs plus experience and a training background in Iyengar Yoga,
I  safely and responsibly use yoga props to deepen your work in the postures and help you maintain the postures for a longer period of time; it also  means these retreats are accessible to all. 
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