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A Little Pot Of Love
Retreats for Single Mums

A little pot of love was named by my eldest son whilst hanging out on our trampoline.
It is an idea that began in my home in England when my son started schoo and one of his best friends in that first year was a little boy called Freddie. 
Freddie's mum had been in an abusive relationship and was then a single parent. Freddie has two brothers, one of them with severe learning difficulties.
There are many times over my years of parenting that I've been amazed at how strong and resilient, kind and patient, hard working and generous the single mothers I've known are. I can't imagine how tiring it must be to have a child with learning difficulties and I wonder whether these mothers every get a chance to have time alone.
I would like to offer one single mummy a retreat either with us here in Portugal or elsewhere, an opportunity to disconnect and recharge.
 6 % of my retreat earnings will go in a 'little pot of love' and provide a yearly retreat. 
I imagine mum relaxing by the pool, soaking up the evening sun's healing rays, listening to birdsong and releasing her stresses. I will offer chakra healing yoga sessions and a guided evening relaxation session. 
Flights, Transfers, 7 nights Accommodation and Chakra Healing Sessions will be provided every year for a week in June. 
I will post photos and updates on my social media pages so you can follow the journey of our 'Little Pot Of Love' 
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