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Bohemian Inspired, Luxury Yoga Retreats
Practise Yoga, Meditate, Explore, Share and Surrender
In exotic and inspiring locations on our beautiful planet. 
Apart from family,  I've dedicated my life to two things.....
Yoga and Travel. 
It's these two things that pulled me out of a dark place when I was 17 and I've made a habit not to forget this. It's an absolute honour to be able to combine these two loves and share them with you.

With my retreats, I like to take my students out of their comfort zone a little; to magical and exotic places where we are able to learn, not just in the yoga shala but from our surrounding areas and their people.

I have been leading yoga retreats for 14 years, hosting my first retreat
"A weekend of Yoga in Sevilla"
when I was 29 and living in Spain.

I love the community we've created of absolutely wonderful souls studying yoga, self growth and meditation together. 

My retreats will always leave you feeling calm and strong; positive and balanced. Although, it's my wish that you also leave feeling a deeper sense of self love, with a willingness to move through change and lift yourself and others as you do. 

I have a unique, tried and tested formula to my retreats and I always make time for long relaxation periods, silence and self study.

If you are interested in attending a retreat please contact 

From 2019, 6% of my retreat profits will go to a ' Little Pot of Love'
For more information please see the link on the menu, 

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